Why is My Tiktok Under Review – How to Fix it – Oct 2022

You create a video and upload it on your TikTok account, but instead of uploading successfully, a message appears that your video is under review. You wonder, out of nowhere, why is my Tiktok under review.

What is “under review” in Tiktok?

Popular and regular content creators on Tiktok face the video under review problem. Whenever they try to upload a video on Tiktok, they go through video reviewing multiple times. Also read tiktok downloader no watermark. The under review means that it might take time to upload your video because the content might not be appropriate. The problem usually occurs with popular accounts. 

Tiktok is a popular application everyone uses due to its attractive video-making tools. Creating videos is much more fun on Tiktok, and people do so to get popular by sharing their content on the Tiktok public. But using Tiktok becomes a trouble when you get an “under review” notification. 

The under review is because the video contains some violated and sensual content. The Tiktok management takes this precaution more with popular accounts because they are likely to get viral with such content. 

High followed accounts get under review messages, and people with casual profiles face this problem. This problem can also be because you already uploaded under the reviewed video. 

Quick Answer

Avoid from adult content and don’t spam by incorrect hashtags. If you want to be safe from tiktok under review then alaways upload your own content. Violation of community also results in deletion of video.

Why is My Tiktok Under Review? 

This common under reviewed video problem is troublesome for many users. Users notice a delay if they upload a new video, and if they have already uploaded a video, it will not get views, and the viewers could not comment on that video. Also read tiktok to mp3 free convertor. Your video will never show up on “For You” in such a case. Let us go through the changes you might notice when your TikTok video is under review. 

Restraint from sharing

When you click on the sharing option or click on three dots, you might get an error. Even when you try to save your video and copy the link, you get the message that “Your video is under review and cannot be shared”.Sometimes this error happens when Tiktok tries to limit audience traffic on the relevant video.

Unavailable at For You page

An under review video will never get engaged on your page. It will never get views, likes and comments, but you are the only person who will be able to see the video. 

It happens because the content of the video might be offensive and do not lie under Tiktok guidelines. The under reviewing process takes time of 1 to 2 days. 

Freezed view count

The first thing that ensues is that your video freezes on 0 views after it goes under review. Your video might contain some inappropriate content or your inactive followers. Even if you have already uploaded your video and it went viral, the moment AI detects something happening, and your video views will freeze. 

Reasons behind under review videos

There are many reasons that a video is under reviewed by Tiktok. It happens due to error but sometimes leads to shadowban your account, or your video might get deleted. Let’s go through these reasons and then look at preventions and a proper solution for them. 

  • Violated content also leads your video to be under review. Tiktok is used by many young users, too, negatively impacting them. 
  • Spam is another reason that your video goes under review. It occurs when people place false or inaccurate hashtags to get more views. Tiktok guidelines do not approve any such activity, and if noticed, it may result in video freezing.
  • Uploading a video of another creator or downloading popular videos to pretend them as yours is another reason for the video under review. The original video does not get much popularity as copied one gets, and the creator reports the video to Tiktok support.
  • Adult or explicit content might annoy young users. Adult users find it awful because this makes them conscious about their children who can see explicit content in post-feed. If Tiktok AI observes a video with much skin, it might get under review. 
  • Violation of community guidelines might result in under review of Tiktok video. The offence might result in video deletion or shadowban of your account. 


To remain on the safe side while uploading content, we need to follow some guidelines for prevention.

  • Creating your content is better for getting viral without facing any bad consequences.
  • While creating or uploading a video, we must understand and follow community guidelines. For this, the content must be unique, interesting and not offensive. 
  • Recording real-time videos on Tiktok editor might also help avoid video under review.

Solutions to avoid video under review

When your video goes under review, the process might take a week or two. After that, Tiktok will send you a notification or video deletion or whether it is made public. Also read How to Unfollow everyone on Tiktok. In rare cases, the video remains under review forever. In the second case, you can report your problem to Tiktok and get a solution. For this, you need  to

  • Open the profile icon present in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the three lines that lie on the top-right edge.
  • Open settings and privacy tab.
  • Follow to look for support option.
  • Open report a problem tab and pen down your problem.
  • Click on the Report option and send a message not Tiktok support. 
How To FIX TikTok Video Under Review

After reporting, Tiktok will review your situation within a week, and you will get a possible solution.


Tiktok mostly takes one or two days to keep a video under review.

It’s a rare case but sometimes uploading explicit or stolen content results in a shadow ban of your account.

Wrapping Up

This article contains all information you must know about the video under review. After learning the reasons, you will also help solve the issue by following the given instructions. The article also gives you prevention steps to avoid getting into such trouble.

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