How to Update Tiktok – Simple and Complete Guide – Oct 2022

If any application on your device starts malfunctioning, the first thing you think of is how to update the application. Updating the app results in some modified features. This article will briefly guide you about how to update Tiktok.

About Tiktok

Tiktok is an addictive short video-making application. It is spreading vastly among users of all ages. People like to create, share and enjoy the short videos of other people using Tiktok. People can display their talents by producing the best content in front of an audience. 

As time passed, the use of this application was very sorted for users, both audience and video creators. Recently, people have shifted their focus from YouTube to Tiktok because long videos are boring than short videos of Tiktok. 

When was Tiktok launched? 

  • This wide-spreading application was first launched in 2016 by China. 
  • It is used by almost 1.5 million people in the world. 
  • Its popularity is due to its exciting dubbing and unique video creation. 

Why Tiktok is hype? 

  • Tiktok is a popular and growingentertaining application because it attracts people of all ages due to its music features and other entertaining modes.
  • Many people like it because getting viral on it is so easy. 
  • It would help if you produced good contentthat everyone surely likes. 

Why does it attract people? 

  • Many people like it because you can create videos with various features like trimmer, speed optimization, multiple filters, timer and custom music.
  • You can add texts, stickers, transitions, visual and time effects. 
  • You get a voice-over feature for your video too. 
  • You can download and share videos with your loved ones. 
  • Registering an account on Tiktok is easy.
  • You get popularity on it effortlessly without revealing any personal information. 

What devices work best for Tiktok? 

  • Tiktok is a mobile built application.
  • Tiktok can be installed on all androids and iPhones.
  • We can download and install it on a PC using an android built emulator. 
  • The functions work the same on every device, including a PC. 

How to update Tiktok? – A Quick Guide

Updates are common in applications that are used regularly. As technology grows, the app industry adds it linked updates as well. Also read How To See Who Shared Your Tiktok. Sometimes, apps are updated by Google to add certain variations regarding the features and security of the application. 

Whenever someone installs Tiktok, they use a standard Tiktok account. The standard Tiktok account does not provide the premium features a pro account provides. People use the pro account to overview their account’s proficiency and privacy.

Just how updating your device or applications, you use in it is necessary. It is also necessary to know what updates and features can benefit you. For activate users of Tiktok, who give their time and showcase their talents on Facebook, it is interesting to know that they can also make money through it under certain conditions. On the other hand, they are free to display whatever talent they have to the world. 

Ponder Upon The Reasons To Update Our Actively Used Apps Regularly

Why is an update essential? The answer to the above question is good for every user to get a regular app update.You will get to know a precise and accurate procedure to update your applications without any trouble. 

  • Know all about app updates by following the guide.
  • We need to recover the normal working with all the modified features of the required application. If it is not working well, users commonly update their apps after a small interval to make any modifications.
  • To remove bugs and promote the stable working of the application.
  • An old version of the app, if not updated, becomes a hazard to the mobile applications and information saved in it.
  • The safety of your personal information is the priority.
  • Some modifications are made to improve security and privacy whenever an application like WhatsApp, Facebook or Tiktok is updated
  • The privacy issue is fundamental at this time. Hence, preventive measures are necessary to take. 
  • Numerous updates are made for Tiktok as well in different periods. But if you do not get all the updated features after the app is there on your terminal, then ita a hazard. 

This article will overview all possible updates you can make. These are:

  • Updates on Android
  • Updates on iPhones
  • Enabling auto Updates on both Android and iPhones

Updating an application not only results in normal functioning by removing bugs but also adds modified variations to the app. It is easy to update Tiktok by following the above guide. Also read how to download tiktok video. The guide is sectioned into two groups depending on its operating system: whether your phone isAndroid or iPhone. 

Update Tiktok on Android phones

Your TikTok or other applications might have missed some interval updates on an Android phone. You can update your TikTok and other applications by clicking on the Update all box. Follow these simple steps if you wonder how to update Tiktok on your Android device. 

  • Open Playstore.
How to Update Tiktok,
  • In the play store, go to the search bar present on the top right and search for Tiktok.
how to update tiktok on android
  • Once the Tiktok icon appears, you may see the uninstall and update button with it.
  • Click on the update button to start downloading and installing the updates of the relevant application.
how to update tiktok on android for latest version

  • After a while, you will get the latest version of Tiktok.

Update Tiktok on iPhones

For getting updates on iPhones, open the App Store, a store for applications, hooks and many more. Go through some easy steps to update Tiktok and other applications. 

  1. Go to App Store.
  2. Open the search bar and look for Tiktok in the search bar.
  3. Click on the top Tiktok icon in search results.
  4. After you click on the app icon, tap on the Update button present on the right side of uninstall button to get the latest version of Tiktok.

Auto-updates -A Quick Guide

In modern smartphones, we get the option of an Auto-update setting. Almost every phone is equipped with this feature. For this, you alter the play store settings in the “general” tab to activate “Automatic Updates”. With this function, applications will automatically be updated whenever an update is available for the applications already installed on the phone. Get here a guide to activate automatic updates on your Androids and iPhones.

Auto-update on Android:

  • Go to the Play store to activate Automatic Updates. 
  • Click on the round profile icon present in the top right corner. 
  • As the profile menu appears on your screen. Tap on settings.
  • Tap on “Network preferences”. 
  • An option of the “Automatic app update” option appears. Click on it to choose the network to update.
  • Choose one from “only WiFi” and “on any network”. 
  • Once you choose the network, click on the “finish” button to do the process. 

Auto-update on iPhones:

  • Go to settings to activate Automatic Updates. 
  • In the setting’s menu,press on “iTunes and App store” to locate the option of AppUpdates
  • Once you get the option, click on the Auto-update button to switch it on for activating the feature. 
  • Your apps will be automatically updated from now onwards. 

Regular users of Tiktok are conscious of all the modifications and updates made timely on Tiktok. Each Update gives some new and exciting features for its users. Updating Tiktok on interval or putting it on auto-update is easy by following the above guide. 


Recently, Tiktok has launched an update. Using this updated feature, we can post videos with a time length of ten minutes.

Yes, Tiktok works on PC as well. But it is an Android built an application that needs an emulator like BlueStacks to work on the computer.

Tiktok is a free download and install of the app. We don’t have to pay any price to update it, but we can earn money under specific terms.

It is not necessary to update applications all the time. But frequently used applications must be upgraded regularly. The Update helps to revise the security settings and enhance functioning.

Auto-update is easy via the play store on your phones. You have to turn on the automatic update settings while going to the profile icon in the play store. 

  • Open play store.
  • Tap on the round profile icon present on the top right corner 
  • Go to the settings.
  • Turn on the button for “Automatic Updates”. 

Final Words

Most of the time, the installed applications on our phones do not work properly. We can turn them back to normal after updating them. We can do updates by checking the arrived updates after a certain time or settings the installed applications on auto-updates. Tiktok has been getting popular widely since 2016. It adds additional features every time it updates. However, we can update Tiktok on Androids and iPhones with little variations. Tiktok users are of every age. Whenever they see irregular functioning of the app, they wonder how to update Tiktok.

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