How to Unfollow everyone on Tiktok – Best Tricks – Oct 2022

Tiktok is an entertaining social application on which people play viral content and follow- unfollow tricks to get more audience. While they follow many people, they also wonder how to unfollow everyone on Tiktok.

Tiktok is a  widely used application all over the world. Folk love to make short videos on Tiktok with exciting features like lip-syncing. Some users share their content with video to get popularity and a big fan base following. Some contributing factors to the popularity of this application are 

  • Short-film creation
  • Tiktok audience targeted through content
  • Chance to make money

Some prominent features of Tiktok are the reason behind its popularity. After we get registered on Tiktok, we can create, like, share and follow other people on Tiktok. 

  • Video uploading
  • Editing
  • Filters
  • Effects
  • Transition
  • Lip-sync on music
  • Duets
  • Reactions and Hashtags
  • Preview of the video

How To Unfollow Everyone On Tiktok -A Quick Guide

Method to unfollow everyone on Tiktok ( Manually )

It is not possible to unfollow a massive audience on Tiktok at once. Still, there are tools provided by Tiktok to use and unfollow a few users or  single user. Also read Download Video Tiktok without Watermark. The methods are easy to use because they are provided by Tiktok and do not interfere with the algorithm change of Tiktok. 

If someone surpasses the unfollow limits of Tiktok. It might result in a shadowban of the Tiktok account. The process for manually unfollowing everyone on Tiktok is simple. 

How to Unfollow everyone on Tiktok
click on the profile icon
How to Unfollow everyone on Tiktok in single click.
Open the following tab
Can I Unfollow everyone on Tiktok in single click.
Continue unfollowing everyone

  • You first have to open the profile tab by clicking on the profile icon in the bottom right corner. 
  • As the profile screen opens, you see three options following, followers and likes. 
  • Open the following tab. There is a tab on the right corner of the following accounts. 
  • Tap on every box with the “following” box to unfollow the accounts.
  • Continue unfollowing everyone but under the daily limit to avoid a ban on your account. 

Quick Answer:

You can’t unfollow everyone manually on tiktok through single click. But with help of some tools like FuelTok, you can unfollow upto ceratain limit(200 daily) to keep the account safe.

Methods to unfollow everyone on Tiktok (Automatic)

After knowing that we cannot use bots to unfollow everyone automatically. There is also not a good intention for doing it manually. But there is nothing to worry about because some applications might solve our problem. With the help of these applications like FuelTok and Jarvee, we can unfollow a bulk of accounts in one go. 


The application is convenient because it does not disturb TikTok’s algorithm. It unfollows everyone in intervals, but eventually, it unfollows all accounts. 


Jarvee is automation software that social media users often use. It works for all applications like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Quota, Tiktok, etc. 

Tricks to get viral on Tiktok

Youngsters, adults, and even older adults use Tiktok. Also read Tiktok to Mp3. The TikTok application was launched by a china company back in 2016. It spread so widely that people use it without any motto. Now, as the application is becoming a trend every day, many people have become celebrities by getting viral on Tiktok. You can apply the follow-unfollow trick, set your account on public, share your TikTok videos on other platforms, create eye-catching content to get viral on Tiktok.

Many Tiktok boats are automated tools built specifically for automated follow-unfollow functioning. These bots help you get famous by increasing your followers in a sec. They engage users who like the same content as you produce. The engagement increases the following list effortlessly. 

The Tiktok marketing tools increase your video reach to interested users. Bots do not affect Tiktok policies while you follow a massive number of people or either unfollow them. Your account can never be shadowbanned with Tiktok boats.

Why do people follow a large number of unknown people?

Not only on Tiktok, but people follow unknown on other applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The very purpose behind following everyone is to get followed back. Once the mission is done, the people want to get rid same followed audience without any delay. 

A TikTok boosting tool is used to unfollow a massive audience but does not fit in with the strict policies of applications. Your account can also get banned while using any unauthorized bot. It is better to unfollow everyone instead of getting shadowbanned manually. There is also a limit to unfollowing accounts in a day. 

Can we easily unfollow everyone on Tiktok?

Yes, we unfollow everyone on Tiktok manually. We can unfollow about 200 Tiktok accounts at once. If using any other way, we could get banned by Tiktok by not having access to our Tiktok account. 

Other than the manual method, there is some software built to boost unfollowing process with just one click. When we try to unfollow everyone manually, the Tiktok set limits hits, and our accounts get banned. We lose access to our account. Also read How to Change Bio on Tiktok. The software like FuelTok, instamber, media mister, and Jarvee is set up to follow all accounts at once without hitting the Tiktok policies. 


We can use both software and manual method to unfollow the Tiktok accounts we followed earlier. 

Yes, you can unfollow everyone on Tiktok at once. At one time, you can unfollow up to 200 Tiktok accounts. Exceeding this can shadow ban your account.

FuelTok is a convenient software to unfollow everyone on Tiktok automatically. Users to increase the followers first install it, and after they follow you back, you can unfollow all of them at once with a single click.

Wrapping Up

Instead of doing it manually, people search methods that help unfollow everyone on Tiktok at once. Nevertheless, it is not eventually possible to unfollow all at once by a manual process. Tiktok algorithm does not allow this due to its policies. But using various applications and software, we can solve this problem without affecting the Tiktok algorithm. 

This article gives detailed instructions about the manual and automated unfollowing everyone. Try the tricks right now and sort out your problem in a go.

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