How to Tag Someone on Tiktok – Secret Method – Oct 2022

Tiktok is a fun application where we entertain others and ourselves through eye-catching short videos. It becomes thoughtful when a newbie wants to tag someone and wonders how to tag someone on Tiktok.

People are widely into this application to get popular and renowned throughout the world. The application has approximately 1 billion users, proving that this application is more than famous in the world. 

Many users create their videos and share them on the post feed to get popularity and views. Alongside creating, you can also share other videos or tag your friends to the relevant post for enjoyment. People like celebrities from all fields and even street people are very much into this condition. 

Tiktok is a mode of earning, too, because eye-catching content gets more likely views and shares while promoting a song or product. Also read this post download video tiktok without watermark. By 2016, several popular celebrities emerged in the entertainment industry, and most of them belonged to Tiktok. 

Reasons to tag someone

Tagging someone is also very common in Tiktok video comments. Tagging helps a person to reach a video and enjoy it. Mentioning a Tiktok account is easy, and it notifies the user whether they were mentioned in comments, in the Tiktok video description, for many reasons. 

  •  To mention the collaborated user.
  • To credit the video maker.
  • To call the attention of someone for watching a video
  • If you want to challenge them in anything trending on Tiktok

How to tag someone on Tiktok

We have discussed the reasons and tagged someone on Tiktok, and now we will go through a quick process to know how to order someone on Tiktok. The few short steps are

  • Click on “+”

Five icons are present in the bottom line when you open the Tiktok application. Select the middle “+” icon. 

How to Tag Someone on Tiktok
  • Upload video

Once you click on the “+” icon, you can now upload a video on your Tiktok account. Whether you want to upload from your gallery or record a new video, it is up to you. Tap and press on the middle record video to make a new video. To upload an already made video, click on the upload button.

  • Select video

Once you want to upload a video from the camera roll, then select the video. After selecting, click on the “Next” button to continue editing. 

  • Trim video

After you click on the Next button, you will lead to an editing screen where you can trim video for the portion you want./im

  • Click on “Next”

Once you pass the trimming page, a new editing page appears. You can add various features to your video on this page like transitions, sound effects, texts, stickers, and much more; once you’ve done editing, click next for sharing options. 

  • Post with friends

You can add multiple links to your video as you reach the posting page. You can add location, captions, and privacy settings to the video on this page. You can see two options of hashtags and mention side by side. To tag, someone clicks on @mention. 

easy way to mention on tiktok
  • Search with account name

To tag an account, continue typing the correct alphabetical account name. Once you get the required user account in search options, click on it and start mentioning them in your video caption. 

tag friend on tiktok
  • Post video

As you tap on desired user name, click on it and tag it. Now you can see it as @xyz in the caption. You can type more than one account. The method is the same for mentioning more than one person. 

It is the simplest way to tag users in your videos. You can order your friends, followers, celebrities, and even unknown accounts in your videos. 

How to avoid tagging

Tagging is another way of sharing or grabbing someone’s interest into your content. It is common for popular users to be tagged excessively in everyone’s video. The same happens in fan pages. The followers get more attracted, and more views are there. 

To avoid excessive tagging, we can block the users directly. When you stop them, they won’t be able to see any content from your side. Also read it tiktok to mp3. For this, you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to the search option. 
  • Type user name of Tiktok account
  • After this, click on the three dots present in the top right corner.
  • Choose the second option of the block to stop someone from tagging you.


It is because tagging supports to get viral more speedily. People also order multiple accounts for promoting or advertising brands.

It is simple to tag someone on Tiktok by clicking on the @friends button on the posting page.

The only way is blocking to avoid excessive sagging in others videos.

Tiktok users can easily tag Tiktok accounts on videos caption to seek interest. If not, then using @friend, we can mention them in the video’s comments.

Final Words

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are entertaining platforms, but nowadays, they are used more for promoting your art, brands, and businesses. Hence, social media play a great role in someone’s popularity. 

Sharing every moment in Tiktok and allowing people to see them is a new hobby among youngsters. Instead of sharing videos by saving them first, it is easy to mention your loved ones in the video’s caption directly. You can do it easily as you know how to tag someone on TikTok.

We cannot only provide tag users in the video’s caption but also in the comment section. Also read how to remove phone number from tiktok. Enjoy connecting and sharing with your loved ones by tagging them using the method above.

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