How To See Who Shared Your Tiktok – Basic Tiktok Analytics – Oct 2022

On Tiktok, getting viral is just a game of a few minutes.  People share your content when they like it.  In this article, you will learn the trick for how to see who shared your Tiktok.

About Tiktok

Why is Tiktok popular?  The answer to this question is obvious.  This widely used application is in the interest of many users. Also read this post tiktok downloader. We can add various effects to our videos on this video-making application, including transitions, slow motion, filters, and customized music.

Using this video application, we can entertain people and gain popularity while building a fan following within the blink of an eye.  We can watch, download, create videos with various effects and share them with our loved ones.  On Tiktok, we get engaged with the type of videos we like and watch the most.

It is necessary to share personal information to register on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook.  But some users are conscious about their personal information, like to keep an eye on their privacy.  For this purpose, users also request a method to see who shared their Tiktok with others.

See Who Shared Your Tiktok

Tiktok is amazingly getting viral for most people creating content on it.  Sharing videos is fun, and if it is a Tiktok video, sharing it is much more exciting.  The app is famous for many reasons, but its sharing feature is another reason the application is getting viral. 

Sharing content increases the traffic on the app. Also read How to See Who Viewed Your Tiktok. But in this increasing traffic, knowing who shared and watched your TikTok is a tweak everyone wants to know.

Your content is getting viral, and people are sharing it with a lot of interest is something good to know.  For this reason, you must see the number of audiences who watched, saved, and shared your content.  To view all these activities, you have to switch your Pro account.  

In the Tiktok Pro account, you will see all the Tiktokalgorithms regarding your profile.  The stats of your profile will show your popularity and type of fan following on Tiktok.

How to switch Tiktok Pro account?

Having a pro account is necessary for content creators.  It shows you the stats of your content.  You can get the pro feature on your account by following the instructions below.

  • Open the app and log in to your account if you are not logged in yet.
  • Open the profile page to explore other settings.
How To See Who Shared Your Tiktok.
  • On clicking the three, we will reach the setting option of the account.
Who Shared Your Tiktok.
  • While you click on three lines, your screen will pop up with new options.  From there, you have to choose Creator tools.
How To See Who Shared Your Tiktok this year
  • After that, click on Analytics options to see the stats.  But for this, you have to upload a public tiktok video first.
Who Shared Your Tiktok..
  • The analytics will show you to see the viewed status of selected duration.
Scre Who Shared  Tiktok,.

By doing this, you can see that who followed you, shared and viewed your any video, liked and comments on video.

Factors of Tiktok analytics

Learning the basics of Tiktokis of great importance to become a creator and influencer on Tiktok to reach an audience.  Three important factors of Tiktok analytics are

  • Overview
  • Content
  • Followers

1-Overview: You can see a large view of your TikTok profile in the overview.  You can see your content best liked by the audience, the views, and shares.In the overview section, your info lasts for more than two months.

2-Content: In this section, you can see further detail about your video from the past seven days.

3-Followers: There, you see information about your audience.  This information includes their age, location, and interaction.

The difference in Pro and Standard Tiktok

Suppose you are using Tiktok, whether now or for a long time.  You must know the difference between its accounts reaches. Also read it how to tag someone on tiktok. We manage to see the Tiktok stats from account settings.  In analytics, you get to see if any of your videos are trending, the traffic views on your videos, and see the algorithm for increasing followers.  By switching pro account on TikTok, you get to know your audience and the type of content they like.  Switching to a pro account is a must for influencers and viral content creators.


No, it does not notify the video creator when someone shares their video.  But they can see the number of shares their video gets.

The Tiktok privacy settings do not let you see who shared your video and the identity of the person the video is shared with.  You can only see who viewed your TikTok video

Yes, once a creator shares a video, the followers will get the notification of the shared video, whether the account is public or private.

Final Lines

Tiktok is a bit complicated to use for newbies.  It is exciting and fun to use Tiktok after one gets used to it.  Creating videos and sharing the content of your interest.  Sharing content on Tiktok is much easy, and it’s a great place for you to display your interest to a large number of people.

You can build a large fan following and even grow financially based on this.  To become more famous and active on Tiktok is easy to follow the procedure to know the stats and analytics of your TikTok videos.  To become a famous and highlighted personality on Tiktok, it is necessary knowledge, how to see who shared your Tiktok.  Creating interesting and eye-catching content is also a supportive factor to get popular on Tiktok.

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