How to Remove Phone Number from Tiktok – Quick Guide – Oct 2022

Everyone actively uses Tiktok due to its exciting video-making tools. To enjoy this application more fun, you need to provide a phone number to register an account. But some people find it uncomfortable to share their personal information. If you are a newbie, learn How to remove phone number from Tiktok following some quick steps.

Tiktok is a widely used application by millions of users. People prefer to make tt videos due to its interesting and exciting features. We can also build an account for a follower base to entertain viewers and gain popularity within the blink of an eye through Tiktok.

Remove your Phone Number from Tiktok – A Quick Guide

Folks consider their privacy in the first place and are curious about removing their phone number from Tiktok. The application is not linked with such services.

However, it is easy for users to disconnect phone numbers from Tiktok. Some users want to remove their old phone number from Tiktok for some reason.

Let us ponder the reasons for switching and removing the phone number on Tiktok.

  • You have changed your phone number. 
  • Your old phone or phone number is lost. 
  • The current number is not private and safe to use further.

This guide provides you with some practical steps to describe how to remove phone number from tiktok without much effort. 

1-Click three lines on your Profile

The first step is to open your Tiktok account Profile and click on the three lines in the top right corner.

How to Remove Phone Number from Tiktok

2-Settings and Privacy

As soon as you click on three lines, a menu of settings and privacy containing many options appears.

how to change tiktok phone number

3-Click on “Manage Account.”

In privacy settings, click on the first option is manage the account. You get a menu of changing phone numbers, email, and passwords in this option.

how to unregister aphone number

4-Select Phone Number

You can click on the required option as per need. After clicking on the phone number, click on change.

how to remove a phone number on an iphone

5-Verify current phone number

After you select the change option, the send code box appears. For changing phone numbers, the verification of the current one is necessary. Tap on send code to verify your number linked with your Tiktok Profile.

6-Enter the code

After pressing on “send code” within a few seconds, the Tiktok support sends s 6-digit code on your registered phone number.

7-Enter new phone number

Your account gets verified as soon as you enter the 6-digit code. After verification, you can type the new phone number.

8-Verify your new number

A verification code is also sent to your new number for registration.

How To Remove A Phone Number From Tiktok Without Changing It?

Instead of adding a new number to remove the older one, you can even remove your current number permanently. Here is a quick guide for how to remove phone number from Tiktok permanently.

1. Open the Tiktok app.

2. Go to the Me tab present on the bottom right corner to open your Tiktok account.

3. Click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of your mobile screen.

how to use tiktok without phone number

4. You will get a long menu after clicking on three dots.

5. Scroll down to Report a problem. 

best way to change phone number on tiktok

6. The account and profile menu appears as a result.

easy way to change phone number on tiktok

7. The email and phone number bar appear as you click on Account and Profile.

change phone number on tiktok using android

8. Select the second option, “I want to change the associated number with an account.”

9. After this, two boxes of “Yes” and “No” appear for “Is your problem resolved?”

10. Choose the option “No,” then click on “still have a problem.” 

11. Write a formal complaint of not having access to your current registered number for now.

12. You might get asked a few questions from Tiktok Support

  • Username
  • Recent login location
  • Sign-up date
  • Old phone number
  • Registered device

Answer all the questions and wait for support to resolve your issue.


For registration on Tiktok, you must add a verified phone number. You can secure your account one step ahead while providing a phone number. For quicker login, a phone number is a must.

Go to the support page of Tiktok for reporting and complaining. There you can well explain the problem with peculiarities to resolve your issue.

No, your phone number and other personal information remain safe with Tiktok. They do not display it for the public unless you set the privacy.

For removing phone number from Tiktok, go to Tiktok settings, and click on the go to Account and profile settings. Then click on the phone number and email to remove it.

Creating an account is not so simple on social sites. We have to register first to sign up on all social media platforms. Even making a Tiktok account needs our name, an exact email address, and phone number. The personal information we share remains confidential, but some users still wish to unlink phone numbers from Tiktok.

Bottom Lines

Tiktok is a popular social media application used widely worldwide for Entertainment and fun. Its users better know that a phone number is must get registered on it. It helps to have access to your phone contact and those living nearby, for users who care about their privacy to remove their phone numbers from Tiktok. The guide cited above will help you that How to Remove Phone Number from Tiktok.

Unlinking and removing a phone number from Tiktok is quite easy while following these steps. The procedure is easy to follow for both new and old users. Try it now and resolve your privacy issues without any trouble.

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