How to go viral on Tiktok – 14 Pro Tips – Oct 2022

Almost Tiktok has users of every age on it. The application is now a way for getting famous for entertainment. People search for how to go viral on Tiktok for popularity’s sake.

Why do people post videos on Tiktok?

Tiktok is a globally used entertaining application used by people from all over the world. The application is not only used by youngsters or professionals, but old age people and others widely use it for entertainment purposes. 

Now, it is purpose-driven for people as Tiktok hype is climbing up to the peak day by day. The competition in content, uniqueness and fan following is increasing. Tiktok algorithm is a major bridge to pass over before you reach the gate of success. 

People dream of getting popular, and hence they find Tiktok a great platform for this purpose. Also read Download Video TikTok. But with each passing day, it is not certain that your video will get viral and you will get popular. While applying your strategies, you must count on the algorithms and limitations set by Tiktok authorities. 

There are a limited number of active users on Instagram and other social media platforms. Only these users know the pro techniques for promoting their profiles. In this article, you will get to not only one or two but all the possible solutions you can make that how to go viral on Tiktok. 

Tricks for How to go viral on Tiktok

The TikTok community is loaded with tons of talent. It has versatile features which make the content look more interesting. The application got hype in the days of covid when everyone was quarantined in their homes. The quarantine period oozed the best out of people.

Quick Answer:

Original ideas may result in viral. If you are succeeded to get the interest of viewers by creating unique content having sense of humour, compelling stories, meaningful tips or have some fun, then you are going well for viral.

The basic things to go viral are most views, likes and shares of your video. Another important thing while making a TikTok video is the video format. This video format is divided into sections. To get viral, we must steadily try these steps one by one and see what works best for us. Other factors that support viral content are followed by applying these tricks:

  • Length of your video
  • Active status
  • Hashtags
  • Interesting content
  • Follow trends
  • Share videos to other social media accounts 
  • Make the first 3 to 5 seconds of your video interesting
  • Video content must appeal to a younger audience
  • Video timing is important, but content plays a great role.

Tiktok is evolving all the time, and people are still making content for audiences under 25 years which is the majority of the audience on Tiktok. The counting target audience for a video is a cool goal. But we must count in the people from a very young age like from 20, 25 or 35 and continue to the older audience to 50s, which are usually not getting surfed. 

Let’s go through some main elements for getting popular on Tiktok.

1 Choose video topic

A good video topic gives you the chance of going viral on TikTok. It would be best to focus on or choose the issue that has gone viral before on Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube, or any other platforms. 

Choose the topic needed by the audience, a matter that is broad enough to capture the user’s attention and leads a lot of audiences to watch it. Also read Mp3 converter Tiktok. Please choose a topic about which you are passionate and motivated enough to make similar videos about it in the future2 . 

2 A great hook

Creating a great hook at the start of the video is pinned method to grab the audience’s attention. Use the face of the video at the beginning, use motion graphics in the starting few seconds. Now do not have to buy specialized motion graphics; instead, you can use stickers to make the first three seconds of your video engaging.

So when people click on the video, there is a lot to see in the first three seconds. So when there is not enough to see, people will click away or scroll to a new video. That will give you a hard time before people start to stalk and watch your video for more than three to four seconds. So make sure to upload your video with a different hook. Each video’s theme must be further from the previous one. It should be engaging in the very first look. 

3-Start with an incentive

It needs a lot of experimentation to get viral, and this is not the problem for which you will get a solution on the first attempt. People on Tiktok needs to be stopped from scrolling to watch your video. They need to stay and continue watching your video as long as possible. Now, you must wonder what will cause people to do so.

You must say something in the video start or add a sticker or text to show that there is something towards the end or in the middle of the video. You will give a reason to people to keep watching the video. Unless your video is insanely entertaining and making it fun, it will be hard without a counteraction like a sticker, text or verbal comment to let people know that there is something up in the video. 

If your video is engaging and time lapses, things like that keep people around. It is the best trick to keep inviting people and promoting your content among them. 

4-Apply Tiktok Features

Use as many Tiktok features as possible, and when there are new features like a stitch, do-it trends and songs. Make sure to use them right away. For example, when you upload a 3 minutes video, it is good to use these all features in this duration video because nothing specific will hit on to get viral but a combination of all these. 

5-Keep Posting

This is why push you to your aim or give you a setback. Some people quit posting after they try a couple of tricks and fail. Again, the failure is the content that people see in the first 3 to 5 seconds, which grabs the people’s attention. If you do not see the results the first time, then next time, experiment with something else and if still not, continue trying different tricks until you succeed. 

Comparing the first 5 seconds of each video and tweak it. It will help you to understand the differentiators better. Make a schedule and chart that help you apply variations, including trending filters, effects, sounds, and tweak this to hit your aim to go viral and boost your TikTok profile. Once you get many followers, promoting your other video’s views will become easier. 

6-Add your audio and video

Tiktok algorithms work for original content. So is your profile when you upload a video with your original content with supporting audio. It helps boost your views and shares and help you get on for your page. 

The trick will never work out if you copy someone else’s content and try to post it in your name. It happens with the same audio-video notes different accounts posts the same video. Hence, it will eventually cause titkok officials to shadowban your account for spamming. 

7-Add CTA

Adding a CTA to your profile will not suddenly prompt you to viral your content but help you get more followers. More followers will eventually result in more views, likes, and shares on your videos.  

A call to action button will help you reach out to more people, adding a major difference to your profile’s reach. 

8-Video length

Video length is an important factor. Many people debate whether to post a 9 seconds short video or a 3-minute long video. The methods mentioned above mainly help you get viral instead of focusing on the length of the video.

An interesting hook is a key to boom your video. Suppose you grab the viewers’ attention in the first 3 to 5 seconds and pursue them that they have something must-watch content ahead in the video. In that case, they must continue watching the video without considering the video length. 

9-Share verbal content 

Verbal content is the type of content in a video where you share videos, review some products, give tips, give information or tell a tale. 

Tiktok is the application where you are free to showcase your talent. This talent will bring back popularity if you present it in its finest state. Also read How to Change TikTok Username Before 30 days. For example, tech or dance videos do not get that much popularity compared to videos with some verses or some exceptional catchy voice. 

You can tell stories, share some experiences, any travel blog clip, reviews for people on some products, or anything like that. Thus, verbal communication builds through such videos that will make you go viral overnight. 

10-Stay Inquisitive

This curious phenomenon works for a lot of people to get viral. You have to provide as many details as possible to your audience and see how they point them out in the comments section. They will mould upon every single detail and necessarily mention you, their friends, to ponder over the same information. 

The inquisition part comes when the audience notices something unusual or weird in the video or something too good, as girls wonder over make-up. These little details fill the comments box, and another reason for your video being viral are your questions. The more you ask questions to your audience, the more you can get promoted with their interaction and comments.

11-Be an influencer

Influencers are also taking the lead in getting popular with their great following list. Nowadays, when people look up to social media for every activity, they also help get motivated by social media influencers. 

Influencers can surely trigger the activation system. You can become a fitness motivator, a social media writer or poet, a lifestyle or influence creator. The best way to be an influence is to interact with the audience, as you are one of them. Another benefit of becoming an influencer is that it will boost your content to get viral and take you on the positive track. 

12-Use hashtags

Using hashtags is another pro-tip to get your video on your page. Hashtags promote the sharing of your video. Also, it will more likely appear in the search bar when someone searches Tiktok by typing words from the relevant hashtags you have used. 

Try out content from different niches, use the relevant hashtags or search for trending hashtags in the discover bar of  Tiktok and use them in the video’s caption. Also read How to Unfollow everyone on Tiktok. The hashtag tool is popular on Instagram, but the Tiktok algorithm supports the mechanism. Many users know about this trick as it is the pro tip to match TikTok algorithms. Using five to six hashtags with a catchy caption on your video will greatly impact you. 

13-Collaboration and Cross-promote

Try to promote your content on Tiktok and other affiliate social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Promotion will increase the engagement of traffic on your video. 

Collaboration with other official popular accounts is another way to go viral on Tiktok. The trick works for the majority of folks, and so it must be the first try to go viral on Tiktok. 

14-Try Multiple niches

It is not certain that your video will get viral based on the type of content you like to produce. But it would be best if you were open to every outcome and every new plan to make things work for you. Do not stick to one niche but try variants. You will soon get to the audience’s interest and demand with this. 

It does not matter whether you specially create content for Tiktok or not. All you need to do is engage the audience. When you ponder Tiktok algorithms, you will surely know how important the video completion rate is. So, make your video blazing to urge users to watch till the end. Try to be inquisitive or drop clues throughout the video, which will lead the viewer to continue watching.

How do the tricks, as mentioned earlier, work?

The tricks mentioned earlier are necessary to do for tremendous results. The TikTok application is evolving day by day. Tiktokers now not just use it for entertainment or meaningless content, but a variety is seen every new day. Variety is the major outsourcing that results in exciting growth, combined with many other factors, 

It does not matter whether you are a newbie or an old user of Tiktok, a person with a high fan following, or your account is just at zero. The Tiktok algorithms are variable only for the quality of content. So, the things to hold are your content and consistency. You must be assured to get popular on Tiktok if you have grabbed the trick of creating quality content.


Try out these five elements if you are new to Tiktok and want to go viral. One out of these will surely kick to your goal. 

  • Follow trends
  • Create attention-grabbing hook
  • Keep the length minimum
  • Be an influencer
  • Stay consistent

Many key factors contribute to a viral Tiktoker account. The article is loaded with such tricks, but all you need to do is stay consistent. It is not sure that the first thing you try will work. So, consistency is the key.

Yes, Tiktok also used hashtag tools like Instagram to top rank the contents. Your one video should have five to six hashtags, and they must be related to your content and Tiktok on For You page.

There is no certain trick you can follow to get viral, but following trends and posting content at the correct time while targeting the right audience might help you get viral. Creators should well search for trends in sounds, templates, hashtags and others.

For getting into the trend of For You page, use hashtags, catchy hooks, minimize video length, use trending sounds and post videos at a suitable time to get the most interaction from the audience.

Wrapping Up

Going viral on Tiktok is everyone’s wish, but not all know how to go viral on Tiktok. All the tricks mentioned earlier will help you to do so. The list of things to do may seem long, but they are not compulsory to apply. Every trial is an alternate solution to the previous one. 

If one thing does not work, try the next trick and continue to do so until you succeed. The key factor is consistency, so you must keep repeatedly trying to make your account look prominent on Tiktok.  Compare and contrast also contribute a lot to improvement. You must keep an eye on the previous video you have uploaded.

If you have read the information mentioned in the article, then try them out now. You will be amazed how things will sort out for you.

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