How to Find Favorites on Tiktok – Step Wise Guide – Oct 2022

Tiktok is the best entertaining application nowadays. We add a particular video in our favorites to watch again. For this, you ought to know how to find favorites on Tiktok.

What Are Your Favorite Videos?

Tiktok is undeniably trending among social media trending applications. This trend is because people of all ages are interested in random and quality content with lip-syncing and editing features. 

We can not only surf Tiktok but can also add countless videos and video sounds to favorites to watch and use in our videos.While using the bookmark option, we can add not only videos but also effects, hashtags, products, comments, and sounds to favorites. Many users do not recognize this feature. When you like a video, you automatically add it to the wanted list and can visit it anytime later. So, on Tiktok, bookmarking a video or sound means adding it in favorites. 

Quick Answer:

If you want to find out the Favorites on Tiktok, you have to click on Me Icon to view your Profile page. There is a Bookmark icon below the Edit Profile Icon. To view the Favorite Section, simply click on Bookmark Icon.

Which Content Can We Add To Favorites?

Users spend a lot of time on Tiktok surfing through all types of content by creators. Also read this post Tiktok Downloader without watermark. There are quality contents that attract users the most, and they would like to watch it repeatedly. There are multiple options for cherishing a certain video later. We can both like them and add them to favorites. 

  • We see multiple options to the right side while playing a video. These options include like, comment, sharing, and three dots with many other options inside. 
  • We can click on the round player button to add the video of music to favorites, and this is to create our video on the same theme. 
  • We get multi-sharing options like our following user accounts and multiple applications by clicking on the sharing option. Along with this, we get the Add to favorites option. By clicking on the favorites option, we can add a video to favorites and enjoy playing it later. 

How To Find Favorites On Tiktok On The Phone?

Finding favorites on Tiktok are as easy as adding them to your favorite folder. By clicking on the bookmark icon, we straight find a way to our choices. Also read tiktok converter mp3. On the bookmark option of the profile, we not only get our liked music videos, but we can also get our favorite products, hashtags, and effects we have liked.

 All these contents are mentioned with their specified name, and we get access to them with one click. The steps are simple to find our favorites in Tiktok. 

  • Open your Tiktok profile

Click on the profile icon and open the profile page. There is an editing option for the profile. A bookmark option is visible in a box next to the edit profile option.

How to Find Favorites on Tiktok

Click on the bookmark option to find your favorites.

Can I Find Favorites on Tiktok
  • Search In Favorites

When you reach favorites, the first page of videos appears. There are a total of five tabs mentioned on the top. These are videos, hashtags, sounds, effects, and products. You can move from one account to the other to see your favorite stuff. 

How to find Favorites on TikTok on iPhone and Android

How To Find Favorites On Tiktok On Computer

Tiktok is a mobile-built application, but it is also available on PC for its users. We can get the Tiktok web version on our PCs and enjoy scrolling the Tiktok feed with our favorite content. Still, the web version does not provide a complete experience because the premium features like favorites and editing do not work properly. 

People who love to use PC have a solution for this. 

  • Open Tiktok web on your PC.
How to find favorites on TikTok on computer
  • Log in with all required information 
  • Tap on the profile icon present in the top right corner.
  • Click on the first tab that is “view profile.”
find favorites on TikTok on computer
  • When the profile opens, you will see two options videos and likes.
your favorite videos on TikTok
  • Click on Liked to view videos you have liked before. 
  • The list will show all the liked videos you have probably added to favorites. 
  • Scroll down the page and watch your favorite videos on the computer. 

Remove From Favorites

Once you get the method of finding your favorites on Tiktok, the process to remove a video from favorites is also easy. For this, you have to click on the share option. You can remove the video from the same place where you get to add it to your favorite choice. The removing steps are the same for liked videos, which we can watch later. We play the video, tap on the heart button to unlike, and remove it from picked videos. 


Visit your profile to find your favorites. The bookmark option contains all your liked and favorites sound, videos, and effects on the profile page.

A group of favorites is there on Tiktok’s bookmark tab. This favorite bar contains videos, effects, hashtags, sounds, and products. This collection gives a direct approach to our favorite content.

The favorites album is not available to everyone. Only profile holders can see their favorite albums.

Deleting favorites is as easy as adding them to the list. Open the choices and open the bookmark option to remove them from favorites.

Final Words

The “Add to favorites” is not common among Tiktok users. The application was the mode of entertainment for users before, but now its advanced features make it wonderful. Adding to favorites is a refreshing option to entertain ourselves later. This article briefly describes the methods for how to add favorites on Tiktok.

Add to favorites is a two or three-step process while liking a video adds it to the selected album. Also read How to save a video on youtube. We can find any video in the selected album in the bookmark option. But we must need to go for the bookmark option while saving hashtags, effects, comments, and products.

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