How to delete drafts on Tiktok – Oct 2022

Creating a great Tiktok video needs some effort. It often leads us to an incomplete video, which becomes a draft later. This article will help you learn how to delete drafts on Tiktok to clean your profile from a heap of drafts. 

Tiktok is a short video-making application for all of its users. China launched the application in 2016, and it is so widely spread that almost every person will use it by now, 2022. Video making is fun on Tiktok because we do not record real-time videos but can also edit them with mind-blowing filters, effects, and wished music. 

It is people’s choice because they get a short and interesting clip on Tiktok compared to YouTube, built for long videos. Also read Download Video TikTok. The addiction is pure for this application, and many users use it to watch content rather than create. 

Tiktok Drafts

Folks often go for Tiktok recording instead of camera recording to do better and easier editing. It becomes impossible to post the video right away, so we save it for later. 

A draft is a convenient option because we can post the draft video anytime later. Those draft videos stay in the album for you without any privacy hazards. The footage gets stored on the Tiktok server, so we call it a draft. 

How to save Tiktok drafts? 

It is better to save the Tiktok draft in your gallery for better access and safety precautions. Thus, like other applications, Tiktok does not provide direct access to the system gallery. Also read How to go viral on Tiktok. So there are a few steps to follow for saving videos in device photos.

  • Open the Tiktok and click on ” + ” button.
  • Select the video and click on “Next“.
How to save drafts on tiktok
  • Click on the “Who can view this video” section.
Save drafts on tiktok
  • Select the option ” Only me
Save tiktok drafts
  • Click on button “Drafts” to save the video.
save tiktok drafts on pc

How to delete Tiktok drafts? 

Deleting Tiktok drafts is as easy as saving them. Once you have held the draft video in your gallery, you are free to delete it. The guide includes the following steps to delete the Tiktok video.

  • Go to the Me tab to open your profile.
how to delete drafts on tiktok
  • In the public section, the album with Drafts is present.
delete tiktok drafts on pc
  • Select the drafts you want to delete.
how to delete tiktok drafts on iphone
  • Click on the red-colored delete option that appears at the bottom.
How to delete tiktok drafts on ipad

Delete Tiktok drafts from devices without saving

Many users find it useless to save drafts in a gallery, and they want to get rid of several drafts present on their Tiktok at any cost. Also read Tiktok to Mp3 free converter. There are methods for deleting drafts without any long procedure. 

Clear data

Try this method first to avoid a bit of a lengthy process. For clearing Tiktok data, find the application from the app manager. Open the application icon to get app info. You will see cache or storage; click on clear cache, then clear storage. While clearing data, all the drafts and cache data will be removed. 

Sign out of Tiktok

Sign out of your TikTok account if you do not want to save any useless content on your phone. This method is helpful without letting you cancel or uninstall the application from your phone. Follow this procedure for both iPhones and Androids.

  • Open the Tiktok application.
  • Visit the “Me” tab and open the profile page.
  • Click on the 3 dots present on the right side upper corner.
  • You will see options for settings and privacy. 
  • Click on it to Log out.
  • A confirmation notification appears, which you need to confirm. 
  • This process will remove all the saved videos from your account. 

Uninstall Tiktok

Uninstalling Tiktok will also lead you to delete draft videos. You need to locate the application on your iPhone or Android device to uninstall it. 

Steps to go after for MAC and Android users:

  • Open App library or App manager to locate the application.
  • Tap on the app icon, and a list of menus emerges.
  • Drop the application to uninstall option to delete it.
  • Confirm the uninstall decision to delete the application. 
  • While on Android devices, the application might get uninstalled directly. 
  • Once the installation is done, all the draft videos will be deleted from the device.


To delete drafts is an easy process. You can delete the cache or reinstall the application to delete drafts.

Drafts are saved on Tiktok, and we can edit them anytime we want. We can add filters, effects, and other features to them.

No one can see your TikTok drafts. They are securely saved on your profile, and they are only visible to you. You can save your devices, delete them or edit them anytime. 

No, Tiktok never removes drafts from your account. The currents stay on profile and you can download it in the gallery. But once you delete the Tiktok app from your phone, you might lose all your draft videos.

Wrapping Up

For active Tiktok users, it is common to have some videos in drafts. Sometimes, it becomes tough to sort the fine or other currents. Still, deleting them makes it easy to organize them. The manual method is troublesome for some users. Hence, they want a quick solution for their problem. 

Once you delete the Tiktok draft, you can never get it back. The guide is simple to follow with more than one method, including reinstalling or clearing the cache. If you want it simple, delete your TikTok app from your device or reinstall it to make a fresh start without any useless drafts. 

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