How to Change Your Age on Tiktok – Easy Guide – Oct 2022

On every social media platform, bios play a great role. You give an overview of yourself, including your age and name. However, age might cause trouble, so you need to learn how to change your age on titkok.

What is a Tiktok profile bio? 

Bio is a piece of the necessary information to introduce yourself to the audience. It is present on the profile page. Also read Download Video Tiktok no Watermark. Every time a user visits your profile, this short description in the bio will give them a quick overview of you. The bio makes the first impression on the reader. So, keep your bio precise and obvious for your readers. 

Many users do not know the correct way How to Change Your Age on Tiktok. There is an option of “edit profile” on the profile page, but we cannot change everything while editing on this option. So, we need to contact Tiktok support to solve the problems in some cases. 

When you first set up your titkok account, the official would need all the correct information to proceed with the account verifying process. Also read How to See Who Viewed Your Tiktok. The data is secured with Tiktok. Now, you must know that there is some information you can change later. But elements like age and security settings must need the Tiktok support team’s help. 

Quick Answer:

You can’t change your age on tiktok manually. If you need to change your age on tiktok, then you have to contact customer support for the change of age via Tiktok App or E-mail.

How to change your age on Tiktok? 

It is important to keep your TikTok age accurate because it only allows audiences of 18+ age to make an account or watch content. If somehow, you try to create an account and you are under 18, your report will get banned soon by Tiktok officials.

 Tiktok is obliged to protect its young users up to 18 from illicit and bold content. For this purpose, age is an essential component in Tiktok account making. Also read Tiktok to MP3 Free Online Converter. You need to contact Tiktok support if you want to change your age on the application. Here is a quick guide for you to learn the age-reversing process. 

How to Change Your Age on Tiktok
  • Open your Tiktok profile.
  • Click on the “Me/Profile” icon to open the profile.
How to change your age on Tiktok

  • Click on the three lines present in the top right corner.
How to change your age on Tik tok
  • Click on “Report a problem.”
change your age on Tiktok
  • Select “account and profile”.
change your age on Tik tok .
  • Then scroll down the menu and click on “Editing profile.”
how to change your age on tiktok without deleting your account
  • Click on the last bar with the “other” option.
how to change your age on tiktok on iphone
  • Press on “need more help”.
  • Then you have to write down all the details about your problem i-e I have an incorrect birthday on my account and I want to update it.
  • After you list down the problem, click on “report.”
my age is wrong on tiktok

You have successfully reported the problem by following the above process. Tiktok support will solve your issue, and for further progress, you will receive an email from Tiktok support.

Final Words

This article contains the needed information you must have for the process to change age on Tiktok. Your personal information like on other social platforms and Tiktok builds your profile and takes you one step ahead. Check out the method now and move forward to resolve your issue.

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